Contributed by Aaron Fodge
Alternative Transportation Manager, CSU

As a student and young professional, your decision where 
to rent is a significant life decision. The distance between where you live and where you travel daily directly influences your monthly budget 
for transportation expenses while dictating how much time you will spend commuting when you could be doing something else with your time.
Fortunately, Fort Collins has diverse transportation options for all residents. Do your research before selecting a rental to locate yourself near these cost-saving, health-conscious, sustainable options:

Your student ID as a full-time student, allows you to ride all local buses for free. Look to see how close your rental is to a local bus line to campus. You can also use the MAX and Around the Horn -- bus services that travel around and through the heart of campus
 every 10 
 For more
information, visit and

Fort Collins is recognized nationally as one of four Platinum-level Bicycle Friendly Communities with bike lanes and paths spanning the city to commute
 and recreate. Look to see if your rental is located near a bike lane 
or trail for a safe ride to campus. The campus has over 14,000 bike rack spaces waiting for your bicycle. For information on biking in Fort Collins, visit the following website,

Why drive alone? Split the cost of driving (parking pass, fuel, insurance) by carpooling with someone that lives close to you.
Find interested carpoolers by visiting CSU online RideShare or SmartTrips. These websites have secure online matching with meet locations and driving preferences. Contact Parking Transportation Services to register your carpool to split the cost of a parking permit and a designated carpool parking space, (970) 491-7600.

Need to borrow a car? Zipcar is available 24/7 here on campus. For a nominal fee, you can run those errands. And the tank is filled free, too!

Longboards can travel almost as fast as a bicycle
 and provide a wonderful exercise opportunity commuting to campus. CSU has lockers placed across campus for you to securely lock your longboard.

Three hundred days of sunshine makes walking very practical. Walk from your rental or to the bus. Use your feet to get you where you need to go! And gain health benefits while you’re at it.

For more information, please visit or call 970-491-7600.