Renting and Leases

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Did you know that in the City of Fort Collins, no more than three unrelated individuals may live together? Prior to signing a lease, it is important to know the facts behind the occupancy ordinance and how it may have an impact on you.

Some facts
Occupancy in a residential dwelling unit (single-family, duplex, and apartments) is restricted to:
� One family and not more than one additional person, or two adults (and their dependents) and not more than one additional person.
� �Family� means any number of persons who are related by blood, marriage, adoption, guardianship or other duly authorized custodial relationship, who live together as a single housekeeping unit and share common living, sleeping, cooking and eating facilities.
� Three unrelated friends
� Two siblings and one friend
� Three unrelated friends and guests who stay 30 nights or less in a 12-month period.
Not allowed �
� Four unrelated friends
� Two siblings and their 
two friends
� Three unrelated friends and guests who stay more than 30 nights in a 12-month period (anyone who spends more than 30 nights
in a dwelling unit in a 12-month period is an occupant).
There are exceptions ...
A frequently asked question that students have is whether there are any places that allow for more than three unrelated people to live. There are options in the City that allow for extra occupancy.
If you are interested in finding a place where you can live with additional friends, visit the Off-Campus Life website and under the Off Campus Housing tab/Helpful Resources, you will find the �Extra Occupancy� list.
A little history
Since the 1960s, Fort Collins has enforced occupancy restrictions. The City addresses occupancy to help ensure health and safety of residents, and to help protect the quality and character of neighborhoods.
Need more information?
If you are looking for a little more detail to this law, please visit (just type �occupancy� into the search tab) or contact Neighborhood Services at (970) 224- 6046.